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World Changers Conference 2020

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It is of great importance that all ministers who wish to be affiliated with United World Ministries be in agreement with the Ministers Code of Ethics and Conduct and Tenets of Faith which are attached.

Ministers Code of Ethics and Conduct:

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Tenets of Faith:

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Form 101 - Church/Ministry Ordination

Form 102 - Church/Ministry Affiliation

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Unfortunately processing this application cannot take place until the church or ministry is registered and compliant according to the governing authorities or its country.

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Form 606 - Character Reference

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Form 26 - Organisation Affiliation

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Form 202 - Ministers Ordination

*Are you applying to be ordained as a minister of religion for the first time?

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It is to be noted the board of U.W.M. reserve the right to accept or decline any application for ordination and or credentials. If the unfortunate event arises that an ordained minister/ministry within the affiliation of U.W.M. acts in an illegal, immoral, unethical, inappropriate or unbiblical manner, and refuses the support, counsel and admonition from the board of U.W.M. in conjunction with the National Ambassador, their ordination and credentials within the organisation will be terminated. It is the policy of U.W.M. to be of a restorative nature however necessary procedures will be employed if the need arises.