It is the vision of U.W.M. is to assist ministries and ministers to reach their full God given potential.


UWM is an organisation that exists to:


•   Provide a spiritual covering and support to Christian churches and Christian ministries globally.

•   Provide Church affiliation.

•   Provide Christian ministry affiliation. E.g. Itinerate, Missionaries, orphanage, school etc.

•   Provide ministers with credentials.

•   To provide oversight, support and encouragement.

•   To provide the means and support assisting churches, ministers and ministries to maintain a moral, legal, ethical and  biblical standard.

•   Assist churches and ministries ensuring all legal requirements, policies and procedures are current and are functioning within the requirements of the laws of their land.

•   To foster unity among Christian churches and ministries.

•   To pioneer and establish Christian churches and ministries.

•   To assist in the pioneering and establishing of Christian churches and ministries.

•   To establish a national and global Christian ministry fraternity.

•   To assist in establishing a church /ministry government and leadership structure.

•   To provide teaching materials, bible college, ministry training, conferences and seminars.

•   To assist churches in establishing micro businesses and sustainable business enterprises.